Can you escape from Amsterdam’s infamous prison: The Bijlmerbajes?

Please note: Escape room Bijlmerbajes Ontgrendeld has been closed permanently due to demolition of the building.

What was Bijlmerbajes Ontgrendeld?

Closing its heavy doors for prisoners in 2016 and scheduled for demolition in 2019, we’ve decided to open them one last time for you to experience its compelling history. Escape Room Bijlmerbajes Ontgrendeld gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the stories from inside this Amsterdam landmark.

The Bijlmerbajes jailed its first prisoners in 1978. It was well known for its (then) ultra modern “humane” approach when it comes to imprisonment. The building was designed without bars over the windows. Prisoners were treated with considerably more privileges than in any other prison in the world at that time, and extravagant parties were organized to raise spirit amongst the prisoners. Staff would arrange mud wrestling competitions, striptease performances and even famous Dutch artists like Herman Brood performed memorable rock shows within these walls.

Which is why the prison was often referred to as “Hotel Bijlmerbajes”. But an imprisoned man or woman will always try to find a way out and every local in Amsterdam will be able to tell you about the spectacular attempts and escapes.

And now it’s your turn to try. The memories of the monumental Bijlmerbajes are translated into an adventure in which you are the key to your own freedom. You must think like a real jailbird to escape and check out of this crowbar hotel.

Bijlmerbajes Ontgrendeld provides space for 5-10 prisoners per game. The game takes up to 60 minutes. Every prisoner must first escape their own cell. The cells have one thing in common: the door is locked, but every lock must be opened in their own unique way. Bijlmerbajes Ontgrendeld is great for groups of friends, colleagues or a day with family.
This escape room is the perfect combination of sightseeing and thrilling entertainment for your trip to Amsterdam. Will you be able to escape in time?
You can check in any time you like, but can you ever leave?

This temporary escape room opened her doors on may 20th 2017, and closed permanently on january 27th 2019. Soon the six iconic prison towers will disappear from the horizon forever.